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For around a decade and a half, ITMO has been supporting and accompanying companies on their market entry and successful work in Eastern Europe. As a result, numerous rewarding customer relationships have been established over many years – a clear achievement that speaks volumes for ITMO’s competencies.

Our experience tells us that success is measured differently by every customer and in every project – for this very reason, you won’t find standard packages and product catalogues offered by us. And that’s why we treat every one of your wishes as an individual task to be tackled with our adept knowledge and extensive experience. And it’s also why we keep a sharp eye on the particular details that are especially important to you.

We achieve all this through individual consultation, personnel searches and intensive coaching – and also through specifically designed activities, which perfectly match your requirements.

To this end, we offer you – for your German and Russian staff, at both your German and Russian locations – a wide selection of training courses and seminars in German, Russian and English. Our services comprise:

  • human resource management and organisational development;
  • intercultural team building and team training;
  • self-management for Russian managers and specialists;
  • project management with an intercultural approach;
  • conflict management;
  • quantitative and qualitative analyses of company-specific leadership behaviour and work habits so as to develop concrete know-how.

Through our international network, we can also offer you support for the development of perfectly tailored market entry and market development strategies.

Just talk to us – we’re happy to offer you non-binding, personal advice – come see for yourself the value of the services we can perform for you and your company. Whenever you need real results.

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